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Welcome to JD Design Awards 2022 – Design for sustainability

JD Design Award is a competitive platform that gives recognition to the best creative minds and showcases their work. Our goal is to encourage fashion designers in India to experiment, explore and define their design sensibilities and skills. This year we at JD Design awards will seek the prospects of Design for sustainability.

COVID has given a fall to many industries, but it came as a boom for local designers and fashion entrepreneurs. It has given a sudden rise to the textile and garment industry. Local manufacturers who were far behind due to big famed names came in front to get the opportunity and become vocal for locals. JD Design Award celebrates these designers who learn, analyze and become a voice for new India.

It has given  an emergence to the fashion and textile industry/entrepreneurs/career opportunities. Indian textile and garment industry boomed during covid. With the same spirit, we are ready to launch JD Design Award 2022 to celebrate the budding Indian designers of the industry and their unparalleled spirit and skills.

In 2019, our designers prepared some of the finest collections that they prepared after months of hard work and investigation for their ideas. They poured their passion into pages and crafted that on fabric to show the most creative design ideas to people. Some designers won awards, and some didn’t, but they all won everyone’s heart who witnessed that evening. Every designer had a story to tell that inspired them to make that collection.

After 2019, in 2020 sudden emergence of the coronavirus restricted every industry to lock down and with this shutdown, everyone dropped into grief and worry.

Due to COVID, everyone over the globe has understood that nature can heal everything, and everything can be healed by nature. The sole thing that we all need to understand now is how we are going to treat our future generations.

It’s not only about the pandemic that gave a lesson to people about climate change but how we hurt our nature in the name of development, growth, and economic status.

We use hazardous chemical-based non-degradable plastic, textile waste, discarded fabrics, and fabrics made by using chemicals like nylon, viscose fiber, acetate fiber, polypropylene fiber, acrylic, terylene, etc.

Finally, the time has come when we need to understand our responsibility towards nature and have to ask questions that help us to be more nature friendly.

Some questions that we need to ask ourselves!

Are we going to give them a future that is full of challenges? Or are we going to gift them new possibilities where they can explore nature?

To elaborate on this thought, and to create some innovation in the fashion industry our budding designers choose to recreate fashion trends from already floating ideas of the industry such as zero waste, reuse of old fabrics, making yarn from bamboo, aloe vera, and other plants, using discarded fabrics, and many more.

2022 become the year that takes new generation designers near to nature to become friends and to SYNC.

  • SYNC with eco-system
  • SYNC with Our lost identity
  • SYNC with innovation and technology
  • SYNC with our Essence

This award will recognize those designers who will be able to give a solution to this crucial issue. Our designers will showcase the best innovative way that helps a sustainable and seamless solution for this rising problem.

Our designers will illustrate their journey from fabric to fashion and make them future-ready.

JD Design Awards’ prime responsibility is not only to reward and recognize the best creative minds of the fashion design industry but also to allow them to grow, rise and shine like true dazzling stars.

We welcome 500+ participants from the JD School of Design and JD Institute of Fashion Technology from 6 cities – Bengaluru, Goa, Cochin, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Vijaywada.

JD Design awards 2022 extend its heartfelt thanks to our make-up and hairstyle partner VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition, Event Partner Limelite, and Beverage Partner GIG – The Great Indian Gin for their participation and support.

We will be joined by some of the leading names in industry Dr. Chandrashekhar Doddamani – CEO at Coir Board, Mr. Sandeep – Marketing Manager with Silk Mart, Ms.Surabhi Singh – Balaji Telefilms, Mr. PadmaRaj Keshri – Polo Ralph Lauren, Mr. Geoffery Prasanna – Ace Turtle Lee, Ms.Jayshree poddar -Himmat singka, Mr. Saurabh Gupta – eCommerce, Ms.Roopali Rawat – Refab, Mr. Prashant Priyadarshi – Destello Clothing, and Mr. Nirmal – Arvind Brands (Arrow) are a few to name.

Let’s Design for sustainability!

Design for Sustainability

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