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Vice Principal Dr. Anusuya K reveals the mantra for success in Fashion and how JD School of Design helps imbibe it in students

Dr. Anusuya K, Vice Principal, JD School of Desing is a highly regarded name in the world of fashion and academia. In her career spanning almost two decades, she has mentored students, who have carved out a niche for themselves in the industry. Most of those years – 14 to be precise, have been spent in a fruitful association with JD, which she describes as the best environment to work in. “The best part about JD is that it encourages and supports us every step of the way to bring out the best in us for our students,” she says talking about the experience. 

Over the years, Dr. Anusuya has seen the industry evolve in keeping with changing times. She has nurtured many talents and seen them flourish. Delving deep into her insights into the field she shares her mantra for success in the competitive fashion industry. “The key is to keep your passion alive, understand the market and the target audience. At JDSD our curriculum evolves according to the latest industry trends. Students also have several opportunities to get real-world insights from industry experts, which holds them in good stead,” she adds.

According to Dr. Anusuya the curriculum is the backbone of the comprehensive learning experience at JDSD. Industry-experienced faculty members deliver it by employing the latest engaging pedagogies. She also reveals that students receive career guidance counselling to identify their interests and choose the best profiles for their journeys. “Workshops, seminars and projects are par for the course at JD School of Design. Besides being networking opportunities they build students’ confidence and prepare them for the challenges of their professional life,” she explains. 

Together these initiatives create the perfect recipe for students’ success, and JD’s strong alumni network around the world is a testament to it. But not to rest on the laurels, the institute aims to keep evolving, incorporating new technologies to benefit students. Dr. Anusuya states, “In today’s world it is impossible to imagine a life without technology. We are incorporating the use of the latest technologies in keeping with industry trends. Students have various platforms to get firsthand experience with them and be ready for the challenges of the industry.” Thus through a solid foundation, and invaluable experiences, JD creates the perfect launchpad for its students.