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2 years (full time)


Graduation (Any Stream)

Certificate Type

Master Degree

Degree Issuing Authority

Singhania University

Programme Overview

This Master’s programme is for undergraduates who want to continue their study. This programme normally provides students relevant engineering or business administration courses, but there are also many Master’s degree opportunities that may open alternative doors. The coursework is designed for professionals who want to increase their knowledge and maybe grow in their careers while continuing to work.
This course is for fashion-loving, aspiring designers. Most schools teach business, brand management, fashion merchandising, and communications. Students should be able to detect technological, economic, and societal changes that could effect a company’s brand strategies or economic performance. They should also apply new ideas or solutions objectively. Financial performance management for brands, fashion design research and development, historical and psychological aspects of fashion, luxury company marketing methods, etc.


Hannah Kathryn D Coutho

I’m glad I was a part of this institute because I’ve learned a lot about fashion and have a better idea of how to proceed in the industry. The faculty and staff have been very helpful, and we know for sure that in the future, if we need help, we can always go back to them for guidance.
Classroom Facilities Gain Insights Design Facilities & Studios Technology Training Learn with Experts Learning Out of the Box
Hone skills and strengths The library and resource center Labs and technical spaces Computer lab and 3D printing lab. Specialized tutors and renowned specialists Industry visits, projects, etc.

Program Objectives

  • Acquire an understanding of the design process and tools needed to develop products and services within the scope of the Business of Fashion.
  • Equip students with knowledge and skills to work with existing and emerging technologies in the field of Fashion and Management.
  • Encourage students to attain in-depth knowledge in the areas of Pattern Making, Garment Manufacturing, Textile Processing, Merchandising, and Entrepreneurship.
  • Train students in design and management research methods, which will be explored in depth during the final Thesis./li>

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the  MSc. in Fashion Design and Management, the students will be able to:

  • Maintain ethical and environmentally responsible procedures within the fashion industry.
  • Design, plan, and execute a Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s Fashion Collection.
  • Plan and provide Design and Business services within the fashion industry.
  • Understand the workings of the Apparel Manufacturing Industries, Forecasting, and Design Agencies and react accordingly.
  • Learn how to successfully launch and manage a fashion business.

Semester 1

  • Fashion Thinking & Design Process
  • Pattern Making & Garment Construction-I
  • Fashion Figure Drawing
  • Textile Appreciation
  • Fashion Draping
  • Surface design Techniques

Semester 2

  • Pattern Making & Garment Construction-II
  • Textile Processing (Theory)
  • Textile Processing (Practical)
  • Fashion Rendering
  • Computer Aided Design-I
  • Research Methodology

Semester 3

  • Pattern Making & Garment Construction-II
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Forecasting
  • Sustainable Practices in Textiles & Fashion
  • Computer Aided Design-II
  • Thesis – I
  • Electives-I & II

Semester 4

  • Visual Merchandising & Retail Styling
  • Marketing & Brand Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Professional Practices
  • Thesis – II

Career Opportunities

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Entrepreneur
  • Pattern Maker
  • Illustrator
  • Sourcing Agent
  • Textile Designer
  • Merchandiser
  • Trend Forecaster
  • Educator
  • Sewing Technician
  • Visual Merchandiser


Industry tie-up

International Collaboration


Is it compulsory to participate in campus events, displays, and open houses?

Yes, it is compulsory and an integral part of the curriculum.

Will JDSD bear all the expenses for study trips?

The cost of the study trips can be

  • Student responsibility if it is not included in the annual tuition fee charged by the school.
  • If the visit is within the city students, pay for public transport.
  • Study trips planned by students for their research will not be funded by the school if this is not part of the curriculum.
What is the basic Admission requirement for MSc in Fashion Design and Management?

Admission to the Master’s Program is based on a reasonable expectation that the student will be able to fulfill the program objectives and standards required for the certification.
Admission requirements are as follows –

  • Graduation with any stream
What are the Career Opportunities after the fashion design course?

Students can opt for many career options –

  • Fashion Designer
  • Pattern Maker
  • Illustrator
  • Sourcing Agent
  • Textile Designer
  • Merchandiser
  • Trend Forecaster
  • Educator
  • Sewing Technician
  • Visual Merchandiser
How many seats are available for MSc’s Course in Fashion Design and Management?

There are 25 seats for MSc’s Course in Fashion Design and Management.

Can we expect admission beyond limited seats?

Yes, we do provide admissions beyond seats with respect to the availability of the batch. 

Do you provide scholarships for students?

No, we do not provide any scholarship to any student. 

Is there any rebate for Army Personnel?

Yes, we offer a 5% rebate in fees for Army Personnel only.

Do you provide education loans?

We provide all supportive documents that will help students to get education loans. 


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Other Courses


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JDSD will make every effort to deliver the Course and services indicated in this Output. JDSD may be required to add, remove, or modify the material of your Course in order to comply with relevant law or unforeseen events, or to meet the most recent standards of a commissioning or accrediting authority, or in response to student input. JDSD strives to notify you of any modifications as soon as is practical.

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