The Course

BSc in Jewellery Design

Craft elegance with your hands!

Bachelor Degree | Bengaluru

These undergraduate programmes are designed for participants looking to enter the design world, and provide a complete education allowing participants to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a career in the chosen field.



3 years (full time)


10+2 / PUC / HSE from the recognised boards

Certificate Type

Bachelor Degree

Lateral Entry Eligibility

3 years diploma in the relevant field

Degree Issuing Authority

Sunrise University

Programme Overview

The BSc. in Jewellery Design course introduces the student to the fine art of jewellery making. The curriculum uses an exploratory approach through a combination of research, projects, classroom training, workshops and seminars. The pedagogy teaches students to be intentional and passionate in order to become inventive jewellery designers.

The curriculum covers many areas of the jewellery-making industry that will help students gain the requisite skills required to create endless designs. The knowledge one gains exposes the students to classic materials and techniques as well as experimental alternatives like iridescent panels or casting ideas in concrete or fibreglass. The programme is a fine culmination of software and theory that prepare industry-ready nuanced professionals.

  • The BSc. in Jewellery Design allows students to obtain practical and technical understanding of various types of jewellery designing materials and compositions.
  • Introduce students to the fundamental practices of jewellery design which is a combination of conventional and innovative methodologies.
  • Students will acquire abilities in using varied tools and equipment to create jewellery.
  • Provision of in-depth knowledge from the history to current trends, metals, metal textures, and gemstones.
  • Assisting students to confidently develop 2D jewellery forms into 3D products.
  • Introduction to CAD software to create technical designs.
  • Trains students to incorporate sustainability concerns in both design and production.
  • Demonstrate jewellery making through the effective incorporation of cutting, moulding, and soldering techniques.
  • Execution of jewellery from idea and research to completion.
  • Utilization of computer-aided programmemes and modern 3D technological applications to design complete jewellery collections.
  • Develop a professional jewellery portfolio to showcase to prospective clients or employers.
  • Using CAD software to build designs, models, and visualisations.
  • Develop the abilities necessary to manufacture, manage, and promote jewellery designs.

Semester 1

  • History of Jewellery
  • Design Thinking & Process
  • Fundamentals of Jewellery
  • Indian Constitution & Human Rights (ICHR)
  • Foundation Art Studies
  • Jewellery Design – I

Semester 2

  • Illustration & Rendering Techniques
  • Metallurgy
  • Jewellery Trend Forecasting
  • Environmental Science/EVS
  • Illustration & Rendering Techniques
  • Jewellery Design – II
  • Orthographic Drawing

Semester 3

  • Supply Chain management
  • Jewellery Cost & Budgeting
  • Manufacturing Techniques in Jewellery
  • Indian History of Culture & Diversity/CDS
  • Jewellery Design – III
  • Computer Aided Design (2D)

Semester 4

  • Gemology – I
  • Brand Study
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Personality Development/PD
  • Jewellery Design – IV
  • Craft Documentation

Semester 5

  • Diamond Grading
  • Gemology – II
  • Product & Jewellery Styling
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Jewellery Design V
  • Computer Aided Design (3D)

Semester 6

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Professional Practises
  • Retail Management
  • Portfolio
  • JD Design Awards
  • Case Studies – Gauges students’ ability to adopt research methods to analyse gaps in the market and come up with credible solutions.
  • Industrial Visits– Teaches students industry trends and requirements.
  • Self-Study– Independent exploration of subjects to support classroom learnings.
  • Classroom Lectures– These lectures provide vital information to the students.
  • Seminars– Encourages students to debate and argue.
  • Studio / Workshop / Laboratory / Practical Sessions– Help students develop creative and practical abilities by simulating the industry.
  • Demonstrative– Utilised for required technical subjects.
  • Group Work– Encourages students to work as a team and understand the intricacies of working in a team.
  • Internal Assessments– Provides an evaluation of students’ learning progression during the entire length of the course.
  • Projects– In-class and independent research projects undertaken to demonstrate students’ depth of understanding of the subject.
  • Semester Examinations– Time-based formal assessments to test students’ understanding of the subject.
  • Presentations– Used in a few subjects to demonstrate communication skills, professionalism, critical thinking and support findings.
  • Portfolio Assessment– Exhibits learning from the concept stage to execution.
  • Fine Jewellery Designer
  • Modern Jewellery Designer
  • Jewellery Business Owner
  • Product Manager in the Jewellery Industry
  • Product Developer in the Jewellery Industry
  • Jewellery Trends Researcher
  • Gemologist
  • Accessory Stylist
  • Educator
  • Jewellery Merchandiser


Q: What does BSc. in Jewellery Design entail?
A: This programme delves into the world of precious adornments, teaching gemology, metalwork, and artistic design.

Q: What are the course timings?
A: The course generally spans 3 years of full-time study and the timings are from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Q: What will I learn in this course?
A: You will master jewellery rendering, gem identification, metal casting, CAD design, and traditional techniques.

Q: Are there placement opportunities?
A: Yes, the programme often provides industry internships and connections.

Q: How important are industry visits?
A: Industry visits provide valuable exposure to real-world jewellery design practices.

Q: Why choose BSc. in Jewellery Design?
A: If you are drawn to the art of jewellery creation, this programme equips you with skills for a rewarding career in jewellery design.

Q: What are JD Design Awards?
A: JD Design Awards celebrate student creativity and talent, offering recognition within the design industry.

Q: Is BSc. in Jewellery Design beneficial?
A: Definitely, it equips you with practical skills and industry knowledge for a successful journey in jewellery design.

Q: What is the infrastructure of JD School of Design
A: The programme offers specialized labs and studios to foster creativity and hands-on learning in jewellery design.

Q: Can I join through lateral entry?
A: Lateral entry options might be available based on prior qualifications and experience.

Q: Does JD School of Design offer scholarships and fee concessions?
A: Yes, JD School of Design offers a variety of scholarships and fee concessions to help students access education. For more information click here .