At JD School of Design, our leadership team consists of seasoned professionals who are the driving force behind our institution’s success. Their unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and creativity in design education empowers students to become forward-minded designers for the modern world.

Mr. Nealesh Dalal


“I believe in walking alongside my team to build a strong ecosystem that encourages growth and ensures that we all collectively make JD a harbour for new-age design.”

Mr. Nealesh Dalal , Founder of JD School of Design, and Design Gurukul and Managing Trustee of JD Educational Trust, began his career in the design education industry in 2002. His years of experience has led to in-depth awareness, strategic judgement and understanding which has helped in the successful integration of new age courses.

Mr. Nealesh Dalal’s vision is to provide an experiential education system that allows students to gain global perspectives and expand their horizons. Aligning with this thought process, he is driving JDSD towards a seamless incorporation of Design, Technology, Sustainable Innovation and Brilliance.

Managing Trustee

Mr. Yogesh Dalal


Mr. Yogesh Dalal has been a part of design education for over two decades with extensive and rich experience working in diverse and global setups. He is passionate about catering towards the creative education among the youth. He is a strong advocate of implementing innovative and focused approaches making quality school education accessible for all.

Mr. Yogesh Dalal strongly believes that JDSD can truly transform the Indian design education scene. He works closely with the leadership team to develop and provide seamless educational solutions to the students.


Ms. Sandra Agnes D’souza


Ms. Sandra Agnes D’Souza has been in the creative field of Art and Design since the last 18 years and has significantly contributed to the art and design education system. She is responsible for the execution of JDSD’s cohesive marketing, academic and infrastructural plans along with cultivating leadership across all levels.

Her role includes creation of strategies that align with the university structure, providing end-to-end solutions and overall development of students, faculties and staff alike. Ms. Sandra is also instrumental in forming expansion plans of the academy.

Ms. Sandra also holds 5 years of experience in Dalit Microfinance Federations as Regional Training Coordinator with Ankuram Sangamam Poram (ASP) and 2 years as a National Fundraiser for National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR).

Ms. Sandra Agnes

Mr. Pramod Adhikari

Trustee & Chief Mentor

Mr. Pramod Adhikari has vast industry experience and expertise as a Product Specialist with over two decades in the fashion business. At JDSD, he is responsible for conceptualising, strategizing and creating a well-rounded curriculum for design aspirants. As the Chief Mentor he is also instrumental in guiding students in realising the need for research in design.

Mr. Pramod Adhikari graduated from NIFT Delhi and went onto work as Business Head for Birla Fashion & Lifestyle Ltd., Bangalore. After 10 years of working in the corporate world he started his own venture, Ideaworx Associates – a buying agency for fashion apparel and accessories brands in India and overseas. Mr. Pramod Adhikari is also the Principal Business Consultant at Trendzsporting Co., and Founding Member of Charmboard, an online video marketing platform.

Mr. Pramod Adhikari

Mr. BR Prasadh


Mr. BR Prasadh studied Apparel Technology & Management from Bangalore University. His vast, diverse experience spans Academics in Research & Teaching and also industry experience in Garment Design, Production Management, working with Gerber CAD software, and Garment Production Management.

He is also the Chief Superintendent of UG Examination, Bangalore University, and Member, Board of Governing Council, Educational Institute of Management Studies, and serves as an Educational Consultant for fashion and commerce colleges. Mr. Prasadh has published reference books for MBA, Fashion and Retail Management, and BSc. Fashion Technology, his research work was published in 3 national conferences. He won the silver medal from The Institute of Engineers (India) for designing a machine for the rural dyeing industry. He has published 3 study materials for MBA in Fashion & Retail Management and 5 study materials for BSc. in Fashion Technology & Management course.


Dr. Anusuya K

Vice Principal

Dr. Anusuya K received an Honorary degree of Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) from the University of Asia and holds a Master’s degree in Fashion Communication. She has nearly 13 years of experience in teaching and her specialisation includes pattern making, garment construction, draping, knitting, embroidery, and quality control. With her strong teaching background and expertise in understanding the student psyche,

she can inspire students by re-vamping academics regularly and making a big difference in their personal and professional lives.


Ms. Suma M

Academic Manager - South

Ms. Suma M is the Academic Manager – South with 8 years of industry experience and 11 years of academic experience. She completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Boutique Management and specializes in areas of Design, Fashion Thinking, Illustrations, Fabric Manipulation, and Ornamentation. Suma ensures that the best practices are put in place to achieve the highest standard of educational excellence by faculties and students alike. Ms. Suma overlooks and manages the academics of all the JD South centres along with the final projects, course content, and overall functioning. In addition, she has also been mentoring and guiding students in their design projects and is in charge of the execution of the JD Annual Design Awards, South.


Mr. Sunil B V

HOD - Fashion Design (Degree)

Mr. Sunil B V’s background in art practices and academics with a KSET qualification. His multifaceted expertise is highlighted through recognition and honors through prestigious scholarship awards, underscoring his significant contributions to the world of art.

In 2009, Mr. Sunil was honored with the R.M. Hadapad Scholarship, a testament to their artistic prowess. In 2014, he earned the Lalithkala Academy, Karnataka scholarship, a highly competitive recognition for emerging artists in the state. The Ministry of Culture, Young Artists Scholarship in Printmaking in the same year. In 2014-15, he had the privilege of being awarded the Arnawaz Vasudev Scholarship. Moreover, Mr. Sunil’s dedication led to a Printmaking Fellowship from Lalitha Kala Academy Karnataka in 2018 which led to his art becoming a part of the academy’s permanent collection. He has actively participated in shows and camps that have allowed him to showcase his creativity and collaborate with fellow artists.


Mr. Arun Kumar M S

HOD - Fashion Design (Degree)

Arun Kumar’s educational background is instrumental in enhancing design education. His MA in AIHC Archaeology provides a deep historical context, allowing students to grasp the evolution of design trends. Furthermore, his BVA in Art History equips students with a keen artistic sensibility, aiding in the creation of aesthetically pleasing designs.

Arun Kumar’s academic achievements empower him to connect the dots between history, culture, and contemporary design, fostering a holistic approach to creative education. By delving into the intricacies of art and archaeology, he imparts a unique perspective that encourages students to draw inspiration from the past while forging innovative paths forward.

This educational foundation enables Arun Kumar to guide students in crafting designs that not only meet modern demands but also reflect a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of human creativity across time.


Dr. Nischay N Gowda

HOD - Interior Design (Degree)

Dr. Nischay N Gowda is a sustainability expert with over a decade of experience. He’s a Green Associate for the U.S. Green Building Council and Indian Green Building Council. His educational journey includes a degree in Civil Engineering, a Master’s in Building Science & Technology, and a Global Doctorate from the Swiss School of Business Management in Switzerland.

Nischay has audited 10 million square feet of green buildings, facilitated 14 green building-certified projects, and contributed to academic bodies like NBA and NAAC. He also serves as a Board of Studies member for esteemed institutions like Bengaluru City University and Tumkur University. Furthermore, his dedication to knowledge dissemination shines through his industry certifications and scholarly contributions, including the notable publication, “Analysis of Sustainable Infrastructure Enhancement in Educational Institutions,” featured in the “Global Journal of Business and Integral Security” (ISSN 2673-9690).


Ar. Sakshi Kanchan

HOD - Interior Design (Degree)

Ar. Sakshi Kanchan’s unwavering belief in the transformative potential of architectural design sets her apart as a visionary leader. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) and a Master of Design (M.Des) with a specialization in Heritage Design Planning and Management. She firmly believes that the environments we create today shapes not only our daily experiences but also our overall well- being. This conviction serves as the driving force behind her commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Ar. Sakshi’s expertise lies in the realm of concept development for spatial design and an inclination towards cultural heritage. Her deep-rooted passion for conserving and celebrating our cultural legacy is complemented by her extensive involvement in research within the field of cultural heritage. As the Head of Interior Design (Masters), Ar. Sakshi inspires the team to embrace research-driven design thinking, fostering innovation and excellence.

Sakshi Kanchan

Rupali Sarkar

HOD - Jewellery Design

Ms. Rupali Sarkar brings confidence and innovation to the jewellery designing craft, creating designs that are both unforgettable and elegant. Her motivation for continuous growth and my ability to handle challenges with a positive attitude define her professional journey.

She has organized and managed the presence of JD at the India International Jewellery Show in 2021. Furthermore, she has mentored more than 340 students for the National Jewellery Awards, contributing to their success.

Ms. Rupali’s educational qualifications include a Diploma in Fine Jewellery Designing from JD Institute of Fashion Technology and a Masterclass in Graphic Designing by Lindsay Marsh through Demy Design Learning. These qualifications, along with my passion and experience, equip her to lead the Jewellery Design department and inspire the next generation of designers.