Campus Placement

At JD School of Design, we are dedicated to equipping students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities necessary for thriving careers in the dynamic world of design. Our campus placement program is a testament to our commitment to nurturing success stories and forging lasting connections with industry leaders. Our placement program is meticulously tailored to each student’s unique strengths and aspirations. We offer personalized guidance, counseling, and skill development workshops to ensure that our students are not just job seekers but confident professionals. A cornerstone of our successful placements is our extensive network of industry partnerships, which includes collaboration with diverse design companies, providing a plethora of opportunities. We understand the versatility of the design field and prepare students for diverse career choices, from fashion, interior design, jewellery design to graphic and product design, UI/UX. Our consistent track record of high placement percentages reflects the quality of education and training our students receive, allowing them to embark on successful careers nationally and internationally. Our robust alumni network, global reach, and emphasis on holistic development ensure that students graduate as well-rounded professionals capable of thriving in the competitive design industry. The campus placement program at JD School of Design is the beginning of a fulfilling journey in the design industry, empowering students to turn their passion into successful, rewarding careers.

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