Enriching the Christmas season: A Chronicle of JD’s Heartening NGO Visits

Enriching the Christmas season: A Chronicle of JD’s Heartening NGO Visits

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During the Christmas season JD as part of its Joy of Giving initiative, embarked on a profoundly touching journey to spread Christmas cheer at two NGOs. On December 23rd and 24th, the faculty members – Ms. Sakshi Kanchan, Ms. Akshatha Rao and Ms. Sandra Thomas along with students visited a shelter for children and another for animals, creating moments that would be cherished long after the decorations were taken down.

Journey to the Shelter for Adults and Children:

Enriching the Christmas season 4

Ms. Sakshi Kanchan, Ms. Akshatha Rao and Ms. Sandra Thomas along with JD students visited Astha Shakti — a haven for children and adults. Armed not just with festive embellishments and meticulously chosen gifts but with genuine smiles, the institute representative infused the lives of the residents with the enchantment of Christmas. The atmosphere reverberated with palpable excitement as the halls echoed with laughter and joy, turning the shelter into a sanctuary resonating with the true spirit of the holiday.

Ms. T. G. Aruna, Manager of Astha Shakti, graciously received the institute’s clothing donations for adults and children on December 22nd. Additionally, the faculty members and JD students actively participated in the Christmas celebration at Sri Vivekananda Education Society on the 23rd. Engaging with students, they explored ways to contribute to the children’s future, considering potential skill development activities aligned with their design expertise. Recognizing the achievements of 6th to 10th-standard students, prizes such as writing pads and basic stationery were distributed during the event. To add to the festive cheer, the institute contributed sweets, spreading joy on this auspicious occasion.

Helping our four legged friends:

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The subsequent day witnessed a shift in focus to Feed the Stray, an initiative by independent dog feeder Mr. Vikas S. He feeds around 50 to 100 dogs every day around Sunkadakatte, Basaveshwarnagar, Peenya. He has over 10 rescue dogs and 8 rescues at his house currently.

The air resonated with the harmonious melody of barks, composing a symphony of gratitude as the students accompanied by Ms. Akshatha Rao, faculty member delved into the world of animal companionship. The volunteers and institute members worked together to create an environment that echoed the spirit of Christmas – a safe and joyful space for the animals.

Each animal received special attention, treats, and even handmade toys, demonstrating that kindness knows no bounds. The joy reflected in the wagging tails and content purrs served as an indelible testament to the profound impact of such considerate gestures on both the animals and their devoted caretakers.

The Joy of Giving Initiative by JD:

This heartening initiative unfolded under the auspices of JD’s Joy of Giving—a dedicated program committed to sowing the seeds of kindness and effecting positive change within communities. By steadfastly supporting endeavours such as the design institute’s visit to the NGOs, JD not only epitomizes the essence of empathy but also underscores the significance of generosity during the holiday season.

In the true spirit of Christmas, the visit to the NGOs stands as a compelling testament to the transformative potential of compassion and giving. As the tapestry of festivities continues to unfurl, let the collective consciousness be inspired by such acts of compassion.