Interior Styling Essentials Workshop to Enable Design Perspectives

Interior Styling Essentials Workshop to Enable Design Perspectives

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Campus 1 : JD School of Design, No. 18-1, Brigade Road, Bengaluru,Karnataka – 560 001.

Campus 2 : No. 40, Swan House, 4th Cross, Residency Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560001.


Musthtifund Saunstha , Near Mahalaxmi Temple,Dada Vaidya Road, Goa-403001

An ‘Interior Styling Essentials’ workshop was conducted by Ms. Rashmi Venkatesan, Assistant Professor – Interior Design Department on 10th December 2023 at the JD campus for aspiring design students. The workshop delved into the art of transforming spaces. The comprehensive 3-hour exploration, became a catalyst for unleashing creativity and equipping aspiring interior designers with indispensable skills.

The workshop aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. For aspiring design students, understanding the fundamentals is crucial, but the ability to apply those principles to real-world scenarios is what sets apart a visionary designer. This event offered a unique opportunity for students to not only grasp the theoretical foundations but also to immerse themselves in hands-on activities, translating knowledge into creative solutions.

Benefits Galore:

Comprehensive Learning Experience: The workshop covered a diverse spectrum of topics, from the fundamentals of interior styling to colour theory, space planning, texture, materials, and cultural influences. This holistic approach ensured that participants gained a well-rounded understanding of the key elements contributing to successful interior styling.

Interior Styling Essentials Workshop to Enable Design Perspectives 2

Igniting the Creative Spark: Through engaging seminars and hands-on activities, the workshop aimed to ignite the creative spark within students. By exploring various styles, delving into colour psychology, and experimenting with spatial arrangements, participants were encouraged to view spaces with a fresh and innovative perspective.

Interior Styling Essentials Workshop to Enable Design Perspectives 3

Practical Application: The hands-on activity, the Montage, was a highlight of the workshop. The participating students used magazines to extract furniture segments and spatial elements, creating collages representative of their unique thematic visions. This practical exercise not only honed design skills but also imparted insights into the cohesive integration of diverse elements within a designed environment.

Interior Styling Essentials Workshop to Enable Design Perspectives 4

The ultimate goal of the ‘Interior Styling Essentials’ workshop was to empower students with the confidence to tackle design challenges. The transformative nature of the workshop provided participants with a toolkit of skills, enabling them to approach interior styling with newfound confidence and creativity.