The Role of UI/UX Design in Shaping the Future of Technology in India

The Role of UI/UX Design in Shaping the Future of Technology in India

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Think about this: have you ever used a website that was confusing and frustrating and still liked it? No, right? That’s because, as a user, you would want a clean website with accessible elements for easier navigation. Let’s talk about the

role of UI/UX design in shaping the future of technology in India.  

The Role of UIUX Design in Shaping the Future of Technology in India

Since technology, in general, has become a ubiquitous part of our lives, companies and designers must keep track of these trends and hop on board. Additionally, UI/UX design also plays a crucial role in improving technology and making it more accessible.  

UI and UX design refers to the visual and interactive elements of a website or an application. This means that enhancing the UI/UX on your site enables your website visitors to have seamless navigation.  

Especially with the way technology in India is on boom currently, the role of UI/UX has become even more important.  

In this blog, we will look at the current state of UI/UX design in India and its importance in shaping the future of technology. Furthermore, we’ll also have a look at the emerging trends in UI/UX design.  

Stick with us until the end to understand why businesses NEED UI/UX designers to convert their websites into more user-centric ones.  

The Current State of UI/UX Design in India 

India has seen significant growth in the field of UI/UX ever since the number of startups shot up. Website designers are in demand, and multiple UI/UX courses are popping up even today. 

All of this leads to UI/UX shaping the future of technology. Today, you may see some of the most amazing websites with quality web designs that cater to user preferences. Additionally, businesses are focusing on improving their UI/UX to drive more conversions.  

However, there are certain challenges faced by UI/UX designers in India, such as a lack of awareness. Some businesses avoid improving their websites as they believe it is a secondary consideration. But in reality, human-centred design is extremely crucial in a website. 

Importance of UI/UX design in shaping the future of technology

The Role of UIUX Design in Shaping the Future of Technology in India

Let’s face it; nobody wants a complicated and messy website. It would completely put you off and make you want to leave the page immediately. UI/UX design has got your back on this one. Since it’s all about crafting experiences for your users, it makes your web design more alluring and navigable.  

Below are the top 5 benefits UI/UX contribute towards shaping the future of technology: 

  1. Improves brand image 

Great UI/UX design can significantly improve your user experience by making it more engaging. This can further improve your brand image. 

Incorporate the colours and fonts of your brand into your website or mobile app design. This will already give your users something to remember you by. Additionally, a well-designed site or application could also speak about your brand’s intentions, thus building customer trust. 

  1. Increase competitiveness 

Since India has seen a rise in startups, having a great UI/UX design can take your brand to the global market.  

By prioritising UI/UX design, you can gain a competitive edge among the pool of competitors. 

  1. Higher conversion rates 

It’s no secret that a great user interface equals happier customers and, thus, greater conversions. If you are looking to build a stronger bond and engage with your customers, then UI/UX is your path to take.  

This would mean keeping your CTAs higher up on the page so that it may be easier for website visitors to take action.  

  1. Builds customer loyalty 

If you had to choose between a clumpy, complicated website of a brand and a clear and concise one, what would you choose? It’s no doubt that the latter would be your option. 

In the same way, a perfectly constructed website would improve your user’s satisfaction levels. 

  1. Improve user engagement 

Simply stated, your UI/UX design ensures your customers stay on the website for a longer period of time and take action. It ensures your visitors always get what they’re looking for easily.  

Emerging Trends in UI/UX Design in India

The Role of UIUX Design in Shaping the Future of Technology in India

With the advent of digital transformation today, UI/UX design just keeps getting better and better. Here are some of the emerging trends that can shape the future of technology in India.  

  1. AI in UI/UX 

AI is everywhere today, even in UI/UX. This technology assists users in providing personalised recommendations. Furthermore, it works to improve user interaction by studying their behaviour.  

Additionally, with the use of chatbots, your users will experience personalisation, get instant responses, and so much more.  

  1. Voice user interface

The voice user interface is all the rage in India today. This allows users to interact with smart speakers and virtual assistants with a voice command.  

UI/UX designers are taking notes and incorporating them into digital products for easier use. 

  1. Personalisation 

Don’t you love it when things are tailored just for you? Similarly, your users would appreciate a more personalised approach.  

This would include a personalised recommendation or customised user interfaces.  

  1. Micro-interactions 

Micro-interactions are small quick-to-complete interactions in an interface. You must’ve seen those small, subtle animations that guide you through a website to perform a task quickly. 

This is so users can experience much more interactive and seamless navigation through the website or mobile application. 

UI/UX: The Future of Technology  

The Role of UIUX Design in Shaping the Future of Technology in India

By now, I’m sure we can all agree that the role of UI/UX design in shaping the future of technology in India is a major one. While there are a few challenges, there are many opportunities for innovation and growth.  

One of the most commonly faced challenges is accessibility and inclusivity, especially in India. Since there is a diverse range of languages, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds, it sometimes becomes tough to create accessible digital products.  

Another challenge faced by many designers is the need to study new and emerging trends like AI and AR. But, a good foundation in the skills required to face these challenges can help you. We at JD School of Design offer a 2 years master’s degree in UI/UX. To provide you with the best resources for you to become a better visual artist in the world of digital transformation