BSc. in Jewellery Design 2023 First-Semester End Display

BSc. in Jewellery Design 2023 First-Semester End Display

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Campus 1 : JD School of Design, No. 18-1, Brigade Road, Bengaluru,Karnataka – 560 001.

Campus 2 : No. 40, Swan House, 4th Cross, Residency Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560001.


Musthtifund Saunstha , Near Mahalaxmi Temple,Dada Vaidya Road, Goa-403001

BSc. in Jewellery Design 2023’s students showcased their first-semester end display which included works on Foundation Drawing, Design Thinking, Fundamentals of Jewellery, Jewellery Design I. The wide array of works were inspired by a captivating 2D cartoon theme presented in classic black and white.

BSc. in Jewellery Design 2023 First Semester End Display 7

Foundation Drawing:

The Foundation Drawing module showcased students’ mastery in various aspects of visual arts. From intricate perspective studies to expressive portrait studies, and detailed object studies, the display reflected a deep understanding of artistic techniques. Rendering techniques and a nuanced grasp of colour theory further elevated the visual feast.

Fundamentals of Jewellery:

The Fundamentals of Jewellery module unveiled a presentation highlighting the tools, findings, and settings crucial in the intricate world of jewellery making. A visual journey through the PPT revealed the meticulous research and understanding of the craft, emphasizing the technical aspects that lay the foundation for their creative expressions.

Jewellery Design I:

In the Jewellery Design I section, students presented a stunning illustration of various gemstones, showcasing their proficiency in rendering techniques. From the detailed rendering of cabochon gemstones to the exploration of Navratna stones, the exhibit delved into the diverse categories of jewellery, focusing on types of pendants and earrings.

Design Thinking and Process:

The Design Thinking and Process module added a dynamic element to the showcase. Displaying design sketches and air-dry clay prototypes created during the module, students demonstrated not only their artistic flair but also their ability to ideate and bring their concepts to life in three dimensions.

This captivating exhibition not only highlighted the diverse skills within the BSc. in Jewellery Design 2023 batch but also provided a glimpse into the creative journey of these budding designers. The infusion of a 2D cartoon theme added a unique touch, making this display a memorable exploration of artistry, innovation, and craftsmanship.