Celebrating NGO Day with Compassion and Creativity at Gerizim Trust: A JD Cares Initiative

Celebrating NGO Day with Compassion and Creativity at Gerizim Trust: A JD Cares Initiative

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On the vibrant morning of February 23rd, 2024, the halls of the Gerizim Trust echoed with laughter and creativity as students from the JD School of Design, powered by the JD Institute of Fashion Technology, embarked on a journey of compassion and learning, celebrating the spirit of NGO Day.

Celebrating NGO Day with Compassion and Creativity at Gerizim Trust A JDCares Initiative 4

The Gerizim Trust, a beacon of hope founded in 1989, stands as a testament to the power of service and inclusion. With a diverse range of initiatives spanning special schools, vocational training institutes, children’s homes, tuition centres, help groups, and social development centres, Gerizim embodies a commitment to truthfulness, integrity, patience, sincerity, and unwavering dedication.

Through the “JDCares” initiative, JD School of Design, powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, provided a valuable opportunity for the children at Gerizim Rehabilitation Trust to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge. 

Our visit to the Gerizim Trust was a celebration of creativity and collaboration. Divided into two groups, our students engaged in an embroidery workshop and a moulding workshop, sharing their skills with the children and embracing the joy of creation together.

Celebrating NGO Day with Compassion and Creativity at Gerizim Trust A JDCares Initiative 3

The interactive workshops conducted by JD students allowed the children to delve into various aspects of fashion and interior design, learning new techniques, exploring their creativity, and gaining practical insights into the world of design. From stitching techniques to moulding practices, the children were empowered to express themselves artistically and develop valuable skills that can open doors to future opportunities. 

Celebrating NGO Day with Compassion and Creativity at Gerizim Trust A JDCares Initiative 2

In the embroidery workshop, JD School of Design students imparted their expertise, teaching the children various stitching techniques. Meanwhile, through the moulding workshop, the children explored the art of crafting jewellery trays and plant potters, igniting their imagination and infusing their creations with vibrant colours.

This hands-on experience not only enriched their learning but also boosted their confidence and self-esteem, equipping them with valuable tools to navigate their future paths with resilience and creativity.

As laughter filled the air and friendships blossomed, bonds were forged that transcended barriers of language and ability. Mr Joseph Ponraj, Director of Gerizim Trust, expressed his gratitude for the meaningful engagement, emphasising the transformative impact of collaboration and compassion.

JD School of Design has developed a close relationship with Gerizim over the last few years. Every year, they send a group of students to make our children happy and teach small, doable activities and skills that fascinate the children immensely. We are happy to see that they have brought the same passion and interest today as well, making this visit a memorable one for both our children and the students from JD.”

Our students reflected on the experience, expressing gratitude for connecting with the children of Gerizim Trust. “Their resilience and enthusiasm touched my heart deeply. I am grateful for the chance to learn from them and to be a part of their journey,” they shared. “I appreciate the effort that JD has put into organising this initiative; it was amazing to meet these passionate and talented children. I am looking forward to more such events by JD.”

Our partnership with Gerizim Trust serves as a testament to the transformative power of service and solidarity, inspiring us to continue making a difference in the lives of others.

Faculty members, Mr Nadeem Suleman Shaikh, Department of Fashion, & Ms Tejaswini, Faculty Interior Department, remarked that the willingness to engage and uplift the community reflected at Gerizim is one of the values that they strive to instill in our students. They were grateful for the opportunity to witness their growth and impact firsthand and stand wholeheartedly behind the “JDCares” initiative.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Gerizim Trust for welcoming us with open arms, and we look forward to future opportunities to learn, grow, and serve together, continuing to embody the spirit of NGO Day.

As we conclude our journey of compassion and creativity at Gerizim Trust, we reflect on the profound impact of initiatives like “JDCares” on NGODay

Celebrating NGO Day with Compassion and Creativity at Gerizim Trust A JDCares Initiative 1

JD School of Design’s commitment to empowering communities and fostering creativity shines brightly through endeavours like #JediiiansInitiative. Through collaborative efforts, we’ve not only imparted valuable skills and knowledge but also ignited sparks of inspiration and hope in the hearts of these incredible children. 

As we bid farewell, we carry with us the memories of shared laughter, learning, and love, knowing that our small contributions have made a big difference in the lives of others. Until we meet again, let’s continue to spread kindness, share our talents, and make the world a better place, one initiative at a time.