JD Institute of Fashion Technology and JD School of Design Are All Set To Participate in JD Design Awards 2022

JD Institute of Fashion Technology and JD School of Design Are All Set To Participate in JD Design Awards 2022

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Campus 2 : No. 40, Swan House, 4th Cross, Residency Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560001.


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Bangalore, 2022:

JD School of Design and JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore are excited to announce their participation in the upcoming JD Design Awards 2022. The Award ceremony has a long history and gives the design community a platform. Both institutions found it to be a shocking potential for their students and both operate mostly in the design field.

In order to protect public health in the year 2020, when the epidemic struck, JD Design Awards stepped aside and postponed its captivating yearly display. The performance is back after a two-year hiatus and is prepared to honour the creation and its evolution.

Through exceptional mentoring, classroom instruction, hands-on experience, and rigorous pedagogy, JD Institute and School of Design’s aspiring designers are prepared to enter the area of passion and change. With the theme of “Sync,” more than 70 groups of designers from the fashion, jewellery, and interiors industries are taking part in this spectacular event.

The JDDA board members, who view designers as changemakers rather than merely artists, came up with the subject. The topic is about innovation and futuristic design that draws inspiration from our environment and promotes its health, keeping in mind that the globe is in adversity and that, if care is not done today, there won’t be a planet for the next generation.

Students from both institutions worked assiduously to advance the concept and produce innovative solutions for healing the Earth and resolving its many issues. They did not view it as a project, but rather as a tool to support a change in how people live. The students are attempting to reach a broad audience and raise awareness of the issue through their design work on fabric, jewellery, interior space, and other mediums. They are wearing futuristic glasses and creating clothing from Kombucha, used electric wire, bamboo, hemp, and other materials.

Future jewellery designers are moving toward sustainability. Some students choose sustainable jewels and natural-inspired patterns, while others choose jewellery made of wood, areca nut, and coconut shards. Additionally, with their spatial awareness, aspiring interior designers are developing futuristic models that are both inspired by and help the environment.

The challenge was well-accepted by our students. Sync is about working with nature without hurting it as well as reestablishing a lost connection with it. It is about treating all people and objects equally. Interdepartmental cooperation was also permitted, keeping with the spirit of the word, with the ultimate goal of exhibiting an impressive design during JDDA 2022. The pupils followed a strict regimen as they worked on their thoughts and gave them life. They applied what they had learned and worked tirelessly to get to the point where design meets the real world and merges with it. We were all proud to see the results of their tireless efforts and mentors’ unfailing support as we watched them work around the clock.

“We are incredibly grateful for the magnificent JDDA platform, which harnesses the brilliance of the designers and puts them in direct contact with the public. It gives those with a creative bent the chance to pursue their passion and establish a reputation for themselves through their unparalleled work.

JD School of Design and JD Institute of Fashion Technology are extremely proud of their students’ creative work. The outstanding designs created by the bright young brains serve as a showcase for the institutes’ curricula. Through classroom instruction, industrial experience, a practical approach, and other means, both universities seek to produce responsible designers.

About JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore:

In order to support the design industry, JD Institute of Fashion Technology was founded. The institute has a 33-year history of excellence, and throughout that time it has produced some of the greatest luminaries for the industry as well as instilled the habit of design practise that lives on originality, novelty, and sustainability. Introducing JD School of Design was done so with the same tenacity as JD Institute of Fashion Technology. With its new programme, the institute hopes to help students not only excel academically and comprehend the complexities of numerous design sectors, but also to further their careers in a variety of fields by equipping them with the necessary expertise.

Website: https://www.jdinstitute.edu.in/

About JD School of Design:

With the goal of providing world-class education to aspiring designers, JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology explores numerous creative collaborations in the field of art and design. With its superior academic offerings, close student-mentor interaction, research and creative programmes, project-based learning, cutting-edge technology and delivery facilities, and affiliation with Bangalore Central University, the school stands out among its competitors.

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