JD Design Awards 2022 Is Coming To Goa On 25th August, 2022

JD Design Awards 2022 Is Coming To Goa On 25th August, 2022

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Campus 1 : JD School of Design, No. 18-1, Brigade Road, Bengaluru,Karnataka – 560 001.

Campus 2 : No. 40, Swan House, 4th Cross, Residency Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560001.


Musthtifund Saunstha , Near Mahalaxmi Temple,Dada Vaidya Road, Goa-403001

It is with pleasure that JD School of Design Goa announces its participation in the JD Design Awards 2022. It serves as a venue for the institute’s students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. It offers budding designers the chance to tackle on issues, come up with ground-breaking design solutions, and submit them to the industry.

The JDDA 2022 has examined the epiphanic moment that humanity experienced throughout the erratic lockdown periods. Humanity realised the value of nature and connection when the unprecedented lockdown began. JDDA pursued the notion of SYNC with nature in order to bring forth the same.

The JDDA board members chose the theme in an effort to inspire ideas that will contribute to using design to heal the planet and address a variety of issues. The JD School of Design, Goa, has created interior designs and clothing that make a statement that is felt by many.

Soon, the aspiring designers will provide ensembles and design solutions that address the diverse needs of the Earth and its inhabitants. The use of natural colours for the cloth by upcycling flowers from leftover garlands, curating outfits by drawing influence from Portuguese homes, creating vegan leather, and other ideas are just a few that designers are exploring.

“Design has changed in the modern day; it is no longer merely an artistic endeavour but a means of resolving issues in the real world. To bring their ideas to life, the designers are working nonstop. Since the JDDA 2022 subject was announced, there has been an ongoing effort and several conceptualizations to present the best concepts. They investigated and put into practise several options. For a better earth, they aspirated and served as inspiration. According to Nealesh Dalal, managing trustee of the JD Educational Trust, “They are no longer merely designing; they are transforming and reinventing to save the Earth for the future generation.”

With more than 500 participants, this year’s JDDA is being held in six different cities: Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Cochin. With its distinctive focus, the award event has a 34-year history of producing ethical designers. The festival culminated grandly in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Cochin, rewarding the designers who exhibited the finest.

Fashion Designers In Spotlight

  • Natividade- DENISHA ANN AUBAN MYRABO FERNANDES- A mix of traditional and contemporary design by taking inspiration from Portuguese houses.
  • Dare to be the Dandelion- ANAMIKA ISHWAR RAJ CHAUHAN- A collection that highlights the bold trait of dandelion flowers.
  • Raponn- Britney Pacheco- The collection that aims to raise awareness about sea pollution.
  • Nature’s Footprint- JEZRIL MARTINS- Using the discarded garlands, the designer prepares natural dye for the ensembles.
  • Only One Earth- HRUTIKA BHALCHANDRA SALGAONKAR- The collection uses vegan leather along with linen fabric.
  • After the after party- VIPUL VISHNU GAONKAR- The collection draws inspiration from death and decay.
  • Flourish- DIONNE JOANNA DIAS- The collection is curated out of old and discarded clothes.
  • Nature’s Soul- Joyna Joao Fernandes- The collection highlights the beauty of nature.

Interior Designers In Spotlight

  • Just Feel It, An Experience Center- Arpita Goel- The space that provides augmented experience of multiple human emotions.
  • Woodvale-taken over by nature- Oswina Renny Fernandes- The restaurant that creates an untouched jungle experience.
  • Combined care- Sakina Banu Moulali Shaikh- The space that has a safe and happy living environment.
  • Re-designing an Indo Portuguese Home- Paloma Leona Fernandes- Restoration of an Indo-Portuguese house into a Goan brewed alcohol museum.